The sort of traveling carnival that sets up in the parking lot of shopping mall is a great example of a scenario that warrants temporary traffic control: devices used to warn motorists, and pedestrians, of potential hazards and guide them safely. The carnival crew has to delineate areas where motorists can not operate as a result of their presence because believe or not, someone will claim they didn’t notice the giant ferris wheel. So drivers need to be made aware, “they can’t move through here this weekend.” Those exiting the carnival may be struggling with large, stuffed animals, which impedes their line of sight, and temporary traffic control helps warns motorists of their presence, especially where no traffic signals exist.

It’s not always road work crews that utilize temporary traffic control devices, though that may be the most common cause. Other circumstances include festivals, parades, park programs, neighborhood and community events, marathon races, etc. Any scenario where there’s a change to traffic, or pedestrian movement, and you want to minimize risks, the following temporary traffic control devices can be used.

Rebounder In-Street Pedestrian Crossing Sign

Rebounder with portable base

The Rebounder Sign System provides a durable, cost effective solution to increase pedestrian safety at locations where pedestrians are crossing the road with no traffic signal. Some events bring a large increase in pedestrian traffic, and this traffic may be crossing a road in a place with no traffic signal or stop, or yield, sign. Consider the Rebounder.

The Rebounder has a 82-91% Effective Driver Yield Rate.


  • Base: Available with a portable base, great for temporary activities
  • Single or double sided applications
  • Made of high density plastic
  • Returns to upright position after impact
  • Height: 12”x36” (MUTCD compliant)
  • Uses Reflective Sheeting for a sign that’s 10x Brighter

Learn more about The Rebounder.

Custom Traffic Control Signs For Any Event

bathroom temporary traffic control device

Custom signs for temporary traffic control may be:

  • Temporary parking signs
  • Temporary road closed signs
  • Pedestrian movement guide signs, such as portable toilet signs

If you want to put your logo on a sign, or have a sign with special direction, reach out one of our concierge consultants here.

Traffic Control Signs

Detour Sign

Our Traffic Signs Fabrication Division utilizes state of the art equipment to produce the finest quality traffic control, street, and guide signs. If you need signage, reach out one of our concierge consultants here.

  • All of our traffic control signs are fabricated in accordance with MUTCD and DOT standards, or local jurisdiction’s specification requirements.
  • Produced in Florida
  • Reflective Sheeting for maximum night visibility

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Traffic Cones

standard traffic cone

Traffic cones can be used on roads or footpaths to temporary redirect motorists and/or pedestrians.

  • Channelize traffic
  • Divide opposing vehicular traffic lanes
  • Stop people from parking where they shouldn’t
  • Keep people out of certain areas

Check out our traffic cones.

Work Zones: MUTCD specifications on using traffic cones, drums and barriers in road work zones can be found here.

Traffic Drums

Traffic Drums

Traffic drums are used to

  • Channelize or delineate road user flow
  • They may also be used alone or in groups to mark specific locations

Drums are used to provide a smooth, gradual traffic flow. Read more about traffic drums here.

Moving Pedestrian Flow

Per the MUTCD, “Drums should not be used for pedestrian channelization or as pedestrian barriers along sidewalks unless they are continuous between individual devices and detectable to users of long canes.” Keep in mind that using tape, or rope, to connect individual devices are not detectable by persons with visual disabilities and are incapable of providing detectable path guidance on temporary or realigned sidewalks or other pedestrian facilities.

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traffic barricades

Traffic control barricades are used to restrict areas.

  • Road closings/roadway ends
  • Restricted areas

There are 3 types of barricades. The number of reflective rails on the barricade determine what type it is.

Type I traffic barricade

Type I Barricade

Type I Barricade – used for conventional roads and urban streets. Type I barricade has one 8 to 12 inch tall rail face on each side.

Type II traffic barricade

Type II Barricade

Type II Barricade – intended for freeways and higher speed roads where traffic is maintained through the work zone. These have two retroreflective railings on each side.

Type III traffic barricade

Type III Barricade

Type III Barricade – used for complete road closures. These have three retroreflective railings on each side.

Portable Message Centers

trailer lights

A message board trailer gets the message across and is a great investment, especially if you run a reoccurring event. This message board trailer can be used to signal parking instructions or flow of pedestrian traffic.


  • LED trailer lights standard and inset into trailer frame
  • 5 LEDs per pixel provide uniform light output
  • Energy-efficient LED display provides minimal battery maintenance and long operational life
  • Industrial-grade trailer provides stable platform
  • Simplistic programming
  • Quick-clip access for ease of display maintenance
  • State-of-the-art charge technology reduces battery overcharge incidents
  • Remote programming option available
  • 5-year standard warranty

More about Portable Message Centers for your event.