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Pedestrian Safety starts with providing drivers real-time warnings when pedestrians are in or about to enter an approaching crosswalk.

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RRFB Pedestrian Crossing

These diverse solutions increase safety on your streets, parking lots and school zones. Our Concierge Team is here for your traffic safety project. We can assist you with any of the following systems below.

LED-Enhanced Pedestrian Crossing Warning Alerts

Rectangular Rapid-Flash Beacons (RRFB)

RRFB Pedestrian Solution

A one-of-kind crosswalk solution proven to improve driver yield rates by as much as 90% at uncontrolled pedestrian crossings.*

Extra-large beacons provide greater visibility, ideal for dangerous and multi-lane pedestrian and school crossings. The RRFB Pedestrian Crosswalk Systems flash using the FHWA-specified alternating WW+S flash pattern. This popular, MUTCD-compliant option heightens driver awareness in a variety of applications: School Zone Crossings, Mid-block Crossings, Multi-Lane Uncontrolled Crossings.


  • MUTCD-compliant
  • Reduces Injuries and Accidents
  • Use at Any Un-signalized Crosswalk
  • Increases Yielding Rates
  • Round-Beacon Interchangeability
School Zone RRFB

LED-Enhanced Pedestrian Crossing Warning Alerts


BlinkerSign® Pedestrian Crosswalk Systems alert drivers when pedestrians are actively using or are about to enter an approaching crosswalk. They have an optimized beam angle to maximize light distance and reduce light pollution.

  • Installs quickly and easily onto new and existing
    sign posts
  • High intensity LEDs command attenti
  • Saves Lives
  • Federally Approved (FHWA)
  • Reduces Injuries and Accidents
  • Use at Any Unsignalized Crosswalk
Road with BlinkerSign
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LED-Enhanced Pedestrian Crossing Warning Alerts

BlinkerBeacon™ Flashing LED Beacon

LED beacons are time-tested, durable warning enhancements that alert drivers and pedestrians of busy crossings and high-traffic areas. This standalone system comes standard with a 12″ beacon, cut visor and 24/7 flashing operation (alternating on-off). 


  • Solar Powered – Place in Any Locale; Independent of Grid Power Outages
  • Inexpensive Installation (No Trenching, Wiring or Special Crew)
  • Automatically Adjusts Brightness Levels Day & Night
  • Adds Visibility Where It is Warranted
Street with BlinkerBeacon
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LED-Enhanced Pedestrian Crossing Warning Alerts

In-Road Warning Lights

Embedded in the pavement and oriented to face oncoming traffic, in-road warning lights flash in unison once activated to alert drivers of pedestrians actively crossing the road. This popular, MUTCD-compliant option has a low profile, allowing vehicles and vulnerable road users to safely pass over it.
in-road warning lights in action

Pedestrian Safety Systems Brochure

Browse all of our solutions in one simple document.

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RRFB in action

Activation Options

bulldog activation

Standard Push Button

Activated with less than two pounds of force, the Bulldog push button provides two-tone audible activation confirmation, as well as red LED visual confirmation.

INX Push Button

Polara iNX

The iNX provides an instructional sign, a push button with directional arrow for activating the flashing lights, a voice message, and a yellow LED which flashes upon actuation and continues to flash while the beacons are active.

thermal detection

Thermal Detection

The pedestrian thermal sensor uses infrared heat profiles to identify vulnerable road users moving within targeted detection zones to activate the system.

XAV2 activation

XAV2-LED Push Button

The XAV2-LED push button is enhanced with an instructional sign and provides custom voice messages and yellow LED visual confirmation when pressed

infrared bollards

Infrared Bollards

Vulnerable road users passively trigger systems by passing between bollards placed on either side of the crosswalk. The bollards can be AC, solar or battery-operated.

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Pedestrian Warning Alert

System Enhancements


BlinkLink®, powered by TAPCO, is an easy-to-use, cloud-based application cities leverage to manage, schedule, control and monitor system-wide time clocks and intelligent warning systems.

Connected Vehicle Interface

    Add another layer of safety to your intelligent warning solution with the Connected Vehicle Interface (CVI). The CVI is an Ethernet interface for TAPCO Intelligent Warning Systems to connect with and communicate information to connected vehicle infrastructure.

    Our Concierge Team is Here for Your Project

    Taking care of our clients is important to us. Our Concierge Consultants can offer you one-stop, turn key solutions that help you design, produce, install, and maintain your traffic safety and signage products. Selecting the best solutions that meet your needs does not have to be difficult.

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