Wrong Way Warning System

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Wrong Way Sign

Wrong-Way warning systems are proven to reduce accidents at notorious wrong-way driver entry points:


  • Side-by-side highway entrances and exit ramps
  • Exit ramps near side streets
  • Poorly lit entrance and exit ramps

Wrong Way Warning System

TAPCO’s Wrong-Way Warning System detects wrong-way drivers, immediately activates LED-enhanced flashing alerts, and can send real-time wrong-way event notifications.

wrong way diagram
  1. Activation Sensors. Activates LED warning devices when detecting wrong way vehicles with thermal sensor, radar sensor, or inductive loops.
  2. Warning Alerts. Warning alerts catch the wrong way driver’s attention to help communicate that they are traveling in the wrong direction.
  3. LED Illuminators. Activates with the system at night to increase identification of wrong way vehicle.
  4. Hi-Definition Cameras. Captures images of self correcting, confirmation, and overview wrong way vehicles.
  5. Confirmation Sensors. Confirms wrong way vehicle has continued to proceed in the wrong direction and transmits alert to Traffic Management Center with images, dates,locations, and video.
  6. In-Road Warning Lights. Optional system add-on warning device mounted in the middle of the road to alert the wrong way driver that they are traveling in the wrong direction.
  7. BLINKLINK®. An intuitive traffic management platform that sends real-time verification of wrong way events, remotely monitors the system health, remotely monitors and manages wrong way events, and collects system data including activation trends.
  8. Connected Vehicle. Interface Optional system add-on that transmits contextual messages to warn drivers in the affected path of a wrong way vehicle after it is detected by the system.
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Wrong Way Warning System Activation Options

thermal detection system

Thermal Detection

Monitor up to six lanes of traffic over a stretch of several hundred feet in all weather conditions.

radar detection


Radar sensors trigger activation when vehicles are detected traveling the wrong way.

inductive detection

Inductive Loop

Installed beneath the surface of the road, inductive loops detect wrong-way vehicles.

Warning Alert Types


BlinkerSign® Flashing LED Signs

BlinkerSign® Flashing LED signs are edge-lit signs engineered to command drivers’ attention day and night, increasing self-correction rates in wrong-way incidents.

rectangular beacon

Rectangular Rapid-Flash Beacons (RRFB)

Extra-large rectangular flashing beacons that paired on top and bottom of sign while flashing in a wig-wag pattern, making them highly visible to wrong-way drivers.

dusk until dawn operation

BlinkerBeacon™ Flashing LED Beacon

BlinkerBeacon™ Flashing LED Beacons provide drivers real-time warning when traveling the wrong direction.

connected vehicle interface background

System Communication

BlinkLink Tapco Modem

BLINKLINK® Alerts Through Tapco Modem

Monitor system alerts through BlinkLink®, a cloud-based software, using TAPCO-managed cell modem and service.

BlinkLink Customer Network

BLINKLINK® Alerts Through Customer Network

Connect with BlinkLink® using either a customer-provided cell modem or fiber network.

ATM Communication

ATMS Alerts Direct From Controller

Transmit system alerts directly to agency ATMS software without needing external network connections.

Intelligent Warning Systems Brochure

Learn how intelligent warning systems can improve safety for drivers and pedestrians. 

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intelligent warning systems brochure

Wrong Way Warning

System Enhancements


BlinkLink®, powered by TAPCO, is an easy-to-use, cloud-based application cities leverage to manage, schedule, control and monitor system-wide time clocks and intelligent warning systems.

Connected Vehicle Interface

    Add another layer of safety to your intelligent warning solution with the Connected Vehicle Interface (CVI). The CVI is an Ethernet interface for TAPCO Intelligent Warning Systems to connect with and communicate information to connected vehicle infrastructure.

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