Emergency Vehicle Preemption

An emergency vehicle preemption system that communicates with traffic control systems so you can reach your destination quickly and safely.

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Safely manipulate traffic signals.

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An advanced approach to optical traffic preemption

By communicating with the traffic control system located at each intersection, approaching emergency vehicles are given a “green” light before entering the intersection, thus creating the ability to move through heavy traffic situations.

Tomar’s STROBECOM II is an optical preemption system designed and engineered to help emergency service vehicles reach their destination quickly and safely. Optical Preemption Detectors sense the infrared optical pulses emitted by properly equipped emergency or transit vehicles. This industry-first technology provides real-time Traffic Preemption notification and system-analysis to vehicle operators at time of the Preemption Event.

This cutting-edge approach to Optical Traffic Preemption saves install time, money, and most of, all, could help to save lives.

10 year warranty

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Less Expensive

Being up to 25% less expensive than other preemption brands, agencies are able to include this technology at more intersections.

How Preemption Works

Preemption detectors sense the optical pulses emitted by properly equipped emergency vehicles.

  • Approaching a traffic light, vehicle operator signals Strobecom detector
  • Detector ensures traffic control system enters preemption mode
  • Safely manipulate traffic signals
  • Operator can safely proceed through traffic intersection
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Compatible with existing optical equipment

100% compatible with your existing optical equipment, which means Strobecom II works with the other existing equipment. It also means that this system will work with all of the existing optical IR emitters on the fire engines, ambulances, police & transit vehicles.

  • Compatible with both GTT OPTICOM* phase selector manual detector test and TOMAR OSPOC automatic detector test.
  • Military derived sensor technology for direct sunlight rejection and detection performance unmatched by ANY other system.
  • Fully encapsulated electronics for complete resistance to water, heat, and vibration.
  • Complete electronics protection from damage due to mis-wiring or electrical transients.
  • Simple advanced detector installation without any special cabling for enhanced detection around corners and over hills.
  • Tool-less tilt/swivel for each detector head makes aiming easy

* OPTICOM and GTT are trademarks of Global Traffic Technologies, LLC and are not affiliated with TOMAR Electronics, Inc. or its products.

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