School Zone Safety

Flashing school zone sign

A variety of proven solutions that reduce speeds and provide traffic calming in school zones.

Crosswalks. School Zone Flashers and Push-2-Cross Systems help slow down traffic near busy crosswalks in school zones.

Speed Zones. Radar Speed Signs help to slow traffic in areas where students and faculty are present during the school year.


School Zone Safety Solutions

school zone push-2-cross system

Push-2-Cross System

Push-2-Cross provides mid-block, pedestrian-controlled signaling to all drivers.

school zone flasher

School Zone Flasher

School Zone Flashers with Flashing LED rings and beacons.

radar speed signs

Radar Speed Signs

Radar Speed Signs effectively curb speeding, enhancing pedestrian safety. Go to Radar Speed Signs.


“RRFB crossings inside or near school zones experience significantly higher yield rates.” – An analysis by the Minnesota Department of Transportation

Push-2-Cross Components


Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB)

Highly Visible – far more LEDs than any competitive system.

Read more about RRFB

sign ring

Warning Sign LED Flasher Ring

Flasher rings can be retrofitted to existing signs.

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push button
BullDog III Push Button

Push button activation enables safe crossings.

push-2-cross controller

TraffiCalm Controllers and Collaborators

The “brains” of the group, handling flash rate and scheduling.

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School Zone Flasher

flashing sign in school zone

Accentuate existing signage with cutting-edge technology.

Drivers receive an unprecedented warning, raising awareness of critical signage without blinding or distracting them. Composed of Controllers and Collaborators (with integrated AC or solar power), LED sign rings, and/or industry-standard circular beacons, this is the fast route to updating your school zone.

Quick and easy setup with a built-in time clock and scheduling. Remote communications and scheduling options allow you to easily monitor and manage your school zone solutions from the comfort of your desk.

Build a TraffiCalm School Zone Flasher

push-2-cross controller

TraffiCalm Controllers and Collaborators

Go to Controllers.

school zone flashing signs

Flashing LED rings for signs on all approaches

beacons for school zone safety

Single or Dual Beacon options

Learn more about beacons

made in the U.S.A.

Our Concierge Consultants can offer you one-stop, turn key solutions that help you design, produce, install, and maintain your traffic safety and signage products. Contact us for a consultation.

Traffic Calming
speed radar sign working

Radar Speed Signs

Radar Speed Signs act as a constant reminder to drivers to slow down in residential and school zone areas. And they have been proven to be highly effective at reducing average vehicle speed and slowing speeding drivers, creating safer roadways and communities.

iQ Series Speed Warning Sign
Yield Rebounder
Rebounder In-Street Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign

A durable, cost effective solution to increase pedestrian safety at unisgnalized crosswalks.