Overheight Warning Solution

overheight vehicle when flashing warning sign

Avoid potential budget-destroying low structure collisions by detecting overheight vehicles and alerting drivers to an impending collision ahead.

With TraffiCalm® Flashing LED Signs, drivers can make informed, calculated decisions based on real-time information streamed from remotely placed sensors well in advance of the hazard.

Turnkey solution that’s easy to install and affordable to maintain long-term.

Highly Visible LED-enhancement

Flasher rings can be retrofitted to existing signs.


Overheight Warning Solution Components

overheight sensor

Overheight Sensor

Placed on opposite sides of the street, the advanced Infrared break beam detector wirelessly triggers LED rings to flash. View more specifics on break beam sensors.

push-2-cross controller


The “brains” of the group, handling everything from flash rate to automatic brightness control to scheduling.

Universal Beacon

Beacon with Universal Pole Mount

Flashing Beacons can increase awareness and compliance with regulatory and warning signs at challenging roadway locations. Read more about intelligent beacons.

low clearance warning sign

Flashing LED Rings for Signs

HIGHLY VISIBLE LED-enhanced warning that can also be retrofitted to existing signs to capture road users’ attention and increase compliance. Read more about Flashing Sign Systems.

break beam sensors

Break Beam Sensor

Infrared sensors are mounted on either side of the road in advance of the low structure, transmitting infrared beams over the road.

When an overheight vehicle load breaks the infrared beams, it immediately activates the system’s warning devices.

An independent study by the Joint Transportation Research Program found that these beam sensors offer superior reliability and environmental robustness at a reasonable cost.

The result is advanced warning to only the vehicles that present a danger to infrastructure.

overheight warning solution in the field
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Sign Retrofit

Easy Retrofit

TraffiCalm’s Flashing LED Sign Systems offer a simple and cost-effective solution for retrofitting existing signs, making it effortless to enhance traffic alerts where needed. MUTCD-Compliant LED flashers mount with permanent bonding tape and/or mechanical fasteners.

Weatherproof Visibility

Weatherproof Visibility

With high-intensity LEDs visible day or night, our signs deliver unmatched visibility even in the most challenging conditions, enhancing safety on the roads in fog, snow, and heavy rain.


Ruggedized Electronics

Equipped with ruggedized electronics, designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and maintain optimal performance, ensuring reliability in the harshest environments.