Railroad Crossing Warning Solution

railroad crossing crossbuck sign

Improve driver yield rates at railroad crossings with the integration of Flashing LED Signs dedicated to to railroad notifications.

railroad crossing warning sign

“Flashing signal lights have been shown to substantially reduce the number of accidents at railroad crossings compared with passive grade crossings.”

Affordable implementation with easy setup.

Highly Visible LEDs on flashing sign rings

MUTCD Compliant. These flashing sign rings are FDOT Approved.


The integration of LED flashing sign rings enhances existing railroad notifications.

W10-1 RR Crossing sign

Railroad Crossing sign

Flashing Crossbuck sign


Flashing Yield Sign

Yield or Stop

flashing railroad crossing warning solution
Sign Retrofit

Easy Retrofit

TraffiCalm’s Flashing LED Sign Systems offer a simple and cost-effective solution for retrofitting existing signs, making it effortless to enhance traffic alerts where needed. MUTCD-Compliant LED flashers mount with permanent bonding tape and/or mechanical fasteners.

Weatherproof Visibility

Weatherproof Visibility

With high-intensity LEDs visible day or night, our signs deliver unmatched visibility even in the most challenging conditions, enhancing safety on the roads in fog, snow, and heavy rain.


Ruggedized Electronics

Equipped with ruggedized electronics, designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and maintain optimal performance, ensuring reliability in the harshest environments.

made in the U.S.A.
Our Concierge Consultants can offer you one-stop, turn key solutions that help you design, produce, install, and maintain your traffic safety and signage products. Contact us for a consultation.
railroad crossing with stop sign
railroad crossing with yield and caution signs
yellow warning sign