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Ornamental Sign Posts, Panels and Traffic Control

Custom Decorative Sign Systems For Your Community

The City Collection for your neighborhood or commercial district provides an upscale appeal.

Our Concierge Consultants can offer you one-stop, turn key solutions that help you design, produce, install, and maintain any of the below decorative traffic control products. Call us for a free consultation. 800-432-0331

Decorative Posts

private road decorative sign

Create a sense of community with these custom decorative posts (round or square). Add your community logo to the sign blades.

Sign Backers

decorative sign backers

Decorative backers are available for all standard DOT traffic control panels, in flat-cut aluminum or with a raised border.

Blade Holders

decorative street signs with finials and logo

Choose your decorative blade holder and finial to create a unique designer traffic control system.

Decorative Lighting

decorative lighting

Residential roadway lighting provides safety and security to residences. Learn more about decorative lighting.

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The City Collection

Decorative and Ornamental Sign Posts, Panels and Traffic Control

High quality, built to order decorative and ornamental sign posts, panels and traffic control. Here are some examples of products we can deliver!

decorative and ornamental traffic control sign work examples

Download The City Collection Brochure

In-depth details on all of our ornamental streetscapes products. Get some inspiration, as well.

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ornamental street name signs

Ring of Fire Decorative Street Lighting

decorative lighting tops

LEDs are mounted to the inside of the Trim Ring which also doubles as a heat sink for optimal heat dissipation. The Ring of Fire uses a special “outdoor white” high output LED. Perfect for promoting safety and security in your community.

Globe: A two-piece, post top component which features precise prisms achievable only through injection molding. The prisms provide pleasing daytime “prismatic sparkle” and provide excellent uniformity, light distribution and efficiency for nighttime performance.

neighborhood street with decorative lighting