Intelligent Warning Systems

Innovative Solutions for Roadway Safety

Improve road safety by warning drivers and pedestrians and give traffic operators real-time feedback and alerts.

TraffiCalm RRFB led-enhanced device

The intelligent warning systems we offer are comprised of LED-Enhanced devices, which are designed to grab attention, day and night, and add an extra layer of safety onto static traffic warning signs.

LED-Enhanced Devices

Intelligent Warning Systems



TraffiCalm’s Push-2-Cross system enhances safety at mid-block crossings, where standard signage falls short. Combining the proven effectiveness of RRFBs and TraffiCalm® LED Flashing Signs produces a solution that is easy to implement and highly effective.

Turnkey solution that’s easy to install and affordable to maintain long-term.

Highly Visible LED-enhancement

Flasher rings can be retrofitted to existing signs.

We have a commitment to provide you with the finest quality Intelligent Warning Systems and accessories at the best price available. Choose any of the systems below to get more information on how we can help you maintain safer roads.

pedestrian crossing

Pedestrian Safety

school zone safety
School Zones
radar speed sign

Radar Speed Sign

flashing stop sign

Stop Signs

curve warning intelligent warning systems

Curve Warning

overheight warnings


parking lot safety

Parking Lots

railroad crossing intelligent warning system

Railroad Crossings

weather warning sign

Weather Warnings

emergency vehicle in road warning

Emergency Vehicle

emergency vehicle preemption


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Our Concierge Consultants can offer you one-stop, turn key solutions that help you design, produce, install, and maintain your traffic safety and signage products. Contact us for a consultation.

Sign Retrofit

Easy Retrofit

TraffiCalm’s Flashing LED Sign Systems offer a simple and cost-effective solution for retrofitting existing signs, making it effortless to enhance traffic alerts where needed. MUTCD-Compliant LED flashers mount with permanent bonding tape and/or mechanical fasteners.


Ruggedized Electronics

Our intelligent warning systems are equipped with ruggedized electronics, designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and maintain optimal performance, ensuring reliability in the harshest environments.