Intelligent Beacon Systems

Beacon Transparent

Flashing Beacons increase awareness and compliance at challenging roadway locations.

Beacon on stop sign
Intelligent Beacon Systems employ a mesh network for quick and easy multi-unit setup. This modular system seamlessly integrates with our other intelligent traffic safety solutions.

12″ red or amber beacon ball. MUTCD Compliant.

Built-in Beacon Timer and Scheduler.

Beacons can be push button, speed radar, time clock, or sensor activated.

Universal Beacon

Universal Beacons

Universal Beacons are part of the TraffiCalm Intelligent Beacon Series, which includes a large variety of top-of-pole or side-of-pole
mounted controller/collaborator cabinets and solar or AC options with various sized batteries to meet the requirements of any application in any location.

These modular systems can be deployed in single beacon applications or multiplied to provide dual horizontal and vertical beacon applications.

Post Top Beacon

Post-Top Beacons

Post Top Beacons are a quick and easy-to-install solution that is only comprised of three parts:

  • Solar Controller
  • Post Top Mount
  • Integrated 12” Beacon Assembly

Post Top Beacons can be mounted on square steel and wood posts.

Beacon system on speed limit sign
made in the U.S.A.

Intelligent Beacon Systems

Stop-sign mounted beacons show potential for reducing severe crashes, with a 54% reduction in injury nighttime crashes. Source: Safety Evaluation of Intersection Conflict Warning Systems

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flashing intelligent beacon system
beacon intersection conflict
Overheight warning system with a flashing beacon