Dynamic Curve Warning System

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Proven to reduce horizontal curve crashes by 58%.*

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curve warning blinker sign

*Highways For Life: Evaluation of Sequential Dynamic Curbe Warning System

Dangerous Curve Problem?

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*Discover how the Wisconsin Department of Transportation saw a 97% decrease in accidents on one of Wisconsin’s most traveled interchanges.

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For dangerous horizontal highway curves

LED-Enhanced BlinkerChevron™ Curve Warning Alert

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Made for rugged enviroments.

Reinforced with two additional layers of material, the ruggedized BlinkerSign® is engineered to take on heavy winds and falling debris.

Engineered to fit the uniqueness of any curve, BlinkerChevron™ Dynamic Curve Warning Systems are custom built with a combination of flash activations, flash patterns and detection methods.

Systems consist of any number of solar-powered, LED-enhanced BlinkerChevron™ signs that flash sequentially or simultaneously, guiding drivers through the length of the curve.


  • Two-lane, 55 mph curves
  • High-speed, multi-lane expressway curves
  • Any dangerous horizontal highway curves

Intelligent Warning Systems Brochure

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Activation Options

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24/7 Operation

Programmed to always flash the system, 24/7 operation provides added safety at interstates and highly trafficked curves.

radar alert box

Radar Detection

Radar sensors are mounted on the first system pole to trigger the system to activate based on predetermined criteria.

dusk until dawn activation

Dusk Until Dawn

Using ambient light sensors, BlinkerChevron™ flashes during nighttime hours to enhance awareness.

time clock sign activation

Time Clock

The programmability of the time clock provides traffic engineers with the ability to schedule system activation during specific timeframes.

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Curve Warning Alert

System Enhancements

Curve ahead warning sign with speed limit

Advance Curve Warning Alerts

A flashing LED Curve Warning BlinkerSign® warns drivers they are approaching a curve. Choose the MUTCD curve legend that best represents the curve where it will be installed. The LED sign can be programmed to flash 24/7 or at preferred times, or it can be activated by approaching vehicles with a radar detector mounted on (or in advance of) the sign.


BlinkLink®, powered by TAPCO, is an easy-to-use, cloud-based application cities leverage to manage, schedule, control and monitor system-wide time clocks and intelligent warning systems.

Connected Vehicle Interface

    Add another layer of safety to your intelligent warning solution with the Connected Vehicle Interface (CVI). The CVI is an Ethernet interface for TAPCO Intelligent Warning Systems to connect with and communicate information to connected vehicle infrastructure.

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