Curve Warning System

curve warning chevron

Give drivers an elevated level of visual guidance when approaching curves with this warning system from TraffiCalm.

One study by the FHWA revealed an estimated reduction of up to 60% in fatal and injury crashes with the implementation of Sequential Dynamic Chevrons.

Turnkey solution that’s easy to install and affordable to maintain long-term.

Highly Visible LED-enhancement

Flasher rings can be retrofitted to existing signs.


Curve Warning System Components

Multiple Chevrons in a single location are configured as a single network and flash sequentially in the direction of traffic. 2-channel logic allows systems operating on bi-directional roadways to work autonomously and independently of one another.

push-2-cross controller


The “brains” of the group, handling everything from flash rate to automatic brightness control to scheduling. Read more about Controllers.

radar sensor

TraffiCalm® Radar

3.75”W x 2.5”H x 2.25” D
Weatherproof NEMA 4 Enclosure

curve warning approach sign

Flashing LED Rings for Signs

Flashing LED rings for signs on all approaches. Read more about Flashing Sign Systems.

curve warning chevron

Flashing Chevrons

Chevrons with Flashing LED rings.

Curve Warning System

curve warning lighting

Orange Beam – Represents the intermittent light that a narrow angularity of just 10 provides a driver through the curve.
Gold Beam – Represents the interconnectivity of light provided to a driver with effective 15° Angularity

Maximized Perceptibility
The wide angularity of the TraffiCalm® Chevron System sets this system apart.

Each LED’s wide angularity produces a 15° cone of view with dimming capabilities, producing maximum road coverage and producing the optimal output in various weather and lighting conditions.

15° angularity provides optimal light intensity at every point of travel a driver makes throughout the curve.

curve warning system in the field
made in the U.S.A.

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Sign Retrofit
Easy Retrofit

TraffiCalm’s Flashing LED Sign Systems offer a simple and cost-effective solution for retrofitting existing signs, making it effortless to enhance traffic alerts where needed. MUTCD-Compliant LED flashers mount with permanent bonding tape and/or mechanical fasteners.

bi-directional curve warning chevron
2-channel logic allows systems operating on bi-directional roadways to work autonomously and independently of one another. Our intelligent mesh network allows up to 16 chevrons to be installed on a single curve.

Ruggedized Electronics

Equipped with ruggedized electronics, designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and maintain optimal performance, ensuring reliability in the harshest environments.