Speed Warnings – Radar Speed Signs

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Essential for traffic calming and increasing driver speed awareness, Radar Speed Signs offer an economical and simple solution to help increase driver speed awareness and road safety.

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We offer TraffiCalm’s Value Series and iQ Series of Radar Speed Signs. Bright characters help increase driver speed awareness on neighborhood streets where so many small accidents occur every year.

Simple and Afforable. MUTCD Compliant.

Ruggedized Electronics

iQ Series features traffic data collection


Choose the Speed Warning System That Works Best For You

Value Speed Warning Sign

Value Series

COST EFFECTIVE TRAFFIC CALMING SOLUTION. The TraffiCalm® Value series of Radar Speed Signs offer an economical yet rugged solution to help reduce vehicle speeds and increase road and pedestrian safety. They are designed for situations where drivers need to be alerted to their current speed, but the additional data collection and speed-triggered warning messages are not needed.

The Value Series features bright LED characters that can be legible from up to 450 feet away and help increase awareness of their speed on neighborhood streets .


  • Limited 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty*
  • Most cost effective traffic calming solution
  • Easy to use with Hand-Held IR Remote
  • 7-Segment LED module, accurately displays approaching vehicle speeds
  • Electronic digits will flash when speed limit is exceeded to alert speeding drivers to slow down
  • Can operate on 2 scheduled events per 24-hour period
  • Ruggedized metal cabinet for long life
  • Available in Portable Series
iQ Series Speed Warning Sign

iQ Series

The iQ Series is our full-featured Radar Speed Sign that includes a full-matrix display, speed triggered messages, and beacon outputs, along with traffic data collection.

Features bright characters that can be seen from up to 750 feet away and helps increase driver awareness of their speed on neighborhood streets.

Full matrix displays allow the vehicle speed to be displayed in conjunction with speed-triggered messages such as “SLOW DOWN” or “TOO FAST.”

Stores up to 9 months of traffic and speed data. TC-Speed Connect™ Data Collection and Reporting Software is included with the sign, providing free local data collection for the life of the sign.


  • Limited 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty*
  • Bluetooth equipped and compatible with TC-Speed Connect Software for laptops or Android Devices
  • Almost unlimited program schedules
  • Connection provisions for beacons, LED rings or other devices
  • Requires the purchase of either AC Power Supply or Solar Kit
  • Available in Portable Series
School zone traffic control sign

Portable Series

portable speed radar

Portable radar signs are battery powered and lightweight – designed to run 5-7 days, be moved around from pole to pole and to be recharged with the built-in AC charger.


  • Available in Value Series or iQ Series
  • Built-in battery and AC charger adapter included
  • 5-7 day run time on a single charge
  • AC battery charger included
  • Portable signs are battery powered and lightweight. They are designed to run 5-
  • 7 days, be moved around from pole to pole and to be recharged with the built-in AC charger
  • Ability to be moved to multiple locations: One Mounting Bracket included, additional Mounting Brackets for relocation are available and recommended
Radar Speed Signs are your first line of defense in calming traffic in pedestrian crossings and school zones, a proven safety measure. Contact Us today for help!
3-year limited warranty

*TraffiCalm Manufacturer Limited Warranty. Exclusions apply – see warranty statement for details. 1-year limited warranty on batteries.