High Water Warning System

water over roadway sign

TraffiCalm® High Water Warning Systems are designed to detect water over the roadway, triggering flashing LED signs in real-time.

high water warning solution

When the water level rises above the sensor, the controller wirelessly activates the Flashing Sign System, and the LEDs flash continuously as long as flood waters are detected. The system is deactivated once the water level lowers below the sensor.

Solid-state design necessitates minimal maintenance for years of reliable operation

Highly Visible LEDs on flashing sign rings

MUTCD Compliant


Warning Solution Components

water presence detector

Solid State Water Presence Sensor

An innovative, highly reliable sensor with no moving parts. It works in fresh, brackish, and salt water, even when covered in mud.

controller cabinet for emergency vehicle warning solution


The “brains” of the group, handling everything from flash rate to automatic brightness control to scheduling. Learn more about controllers.

flashing warning sign

Flashing LED Rings for Signs

HIGHLY VISIBLE LED-enhanced warning that can also be retrofitted to existing signs to capture road users’ attention and increase compliance. Check out Flashing Sign Systems.

presence detector

The system is simple and rugged.

Clog free design operates in the presence of built up mud, refuse, and naturally occurring organic material

Solid-state design necessitates minimal maintenance for years of reliable operation

192” Direct Burial Cable 14 Gauge PVC Jacketed Outdoor Rated, UV resistant

made in the U.S.A.
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high water warning solution
warning sign on flooded road
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