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Sign Brackets and Accessories

We carry a wide selection of brackets and accessories designed specifically for mounting street signs and traffic signs.

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Caps and Crosses

street name sign crosses

If your project requires a post cap to mount a street name sign (D3-1), an enclosure cap, or crosses to mount multiple street name signs, we stock a wide variety of post caps and crosses that fasten to square, round, or U-Channel sign posts.


z-bar sign post bracket

We fabricate and supply a wide range of sign brackets to conform with any project requirements that provides a simple and secure sign installation.

Hardware & Bolts

sign mounting hardware

We are pleased to stock an assortment of hardware for any project. We stock the highest quality and durable materials to withstand the elements in the field. Bolts, washers, nuts, rivets, vandal resistant fasteners, etc.



Whether you need tools for installation, maintenance, or removal of your traffic sign, we have you covered. It’s important to have the right tool for the right job.

Complete Traffic Control Sign Assemblies Available

traffic control sign assembly

Complete Traffic Control Sign Assemblies Available

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Complete sign assemblies include sign caps, mounting hardware, sign post, and anchor. Contact us for more information.

The Safety Zone traffic sign

Get news and updates on signs and traffic safety solutions in Universal Signs Safety Zone.

Enhancing Pedestrian Safety at Unsignalized Crosswalks

Enhancing Pedestrian Safety at Unsignalized Crosswalks

Unsignalized crosswalks are pedestrian crossings with no traffic signals. They play a vital role in pedestrian safety and promoting walkability by providing designated areas for pedestrians to cross roadways safely. While signalized crosswalks with traffic lights are...

Temporary Traffic Control Devices

Temporary Traffic Control Devices

The sort of traveling carnival that sets up in the parking lot of shopping mall is a great example of a scenario that warrants temporary traffic control: devices used to warn motorists, and pedestrians, of potential hazards and guide them safely. The carnival crew has...

Warning Signs Used at Passive Railroad Crossings

Warning Signs Used at Passive Railroad Crossings

Despite the name, "passive railroad crossings" are not crossings where the train slows so conductors can tip their hats. Passive railroad crossings are locations that do not have warning signs with flashing lights or devices that activate as a train approaches, like...

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