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Barrier Mounted Sign Supports

Our newly developed Barrier Mounted Sign Supports are designed and fabricated in-house right here in Florida. With a focus on quality, our sign supports are galvanized to provide extra protection against corrosion and the elements. Side-Mounted and Top-Mounted supports available. FDOT Compliant.

Sign Posts and Anchors for Your Next Traffic Safety Project

Sign Posts and Anchors are the structure and in-ground support to mount your traffic control signs. Posts are the upright column that the signs fasten on, and the Anchors mount in the ground or concrete that secures the upright Post. We have Sign Posts and Anchors for your project’s requirements.

u-channel sign post

U-Channel Posts

The U-Channel Sign Post is constructed of recycled rail steel with 3/8” diameter holes conveniently located on 1” center hole to center hole spacing to allow easy thru-bolt fastening of the sign panel.

Lengths: range from 6’ to 16’
Structural Availability (pounds per linear foot): 1.12 to 4

square post for traffic signs

Square Posts

Square Sign Posts are constructed of durable structural steel with holes conveniently located on all four sides of the post allowing for easy installation of signs on any side of the post. 

Lengths: range from 8’ to 14’
Diameters: 1.75” to 2.25”

round post for traffic control signs

Round Posts

Round Sign Posts are a durable solution to install signs in windy locations. With a round profile, the post can be installed in any direction with 360° of sign orientation. Round Sign Posts are available in both aluminum or galvanized steel.

Contact our Concierge Team who can help you select the right post for your project.

Sign Anchor


Anchors mount in the ground or concrete that secures the upright Post.

Anchors can provide anti-twist, break-away, retaining, or reusable support features, depending on the anchor type. The anti-twist feature was designed to prevent sign posts from twisting in-to or out-of the ground during high wind speeds. The break-away feature is designed for the upright post to break-away from the anchor when impacted by a vehicle for safety purposes. Retaining anchors retain the upright post when impacted by a vehicle and can prevent theft of the sign post. Reusable anchors offers an ease of multiple uses allowing quick and easy post replacements after damage by impacts.

Post anchor

Slip Base Assembly For Square Post

Post anchor

Anchor Plate

slip base assembly for round sign post

Slip Base Assembly For Round Post

u channel anchor

Retainer Strap

soil stabilizer

Soil Stabilizer

surface mount anchor

Surface Mount Anchor For 2″ Square Post

Warning Sign

Traffic Signs

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reflective sheeting

Reflective Sheeting

We use 3M reflective sheeting for traffic signs that can help you maintain a safer road.

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