Keep workforces safe inside and outside of facilities.

Industrial Complex Safety Solutions

Caution Forklift Sign

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forklift warning sign

Warning Signs

Reduce conflicts and accidents between forklifts, other vehicles and employee foot traffic.

parking lot speed bump

Parking Lot Safety Solutions

We have a commitment to provide your facility with the finest quality safety products. View Safety Products Here.

Custom Safety Signage

Custom Safety Signage

Our Concierge Team is here for your project and can deliver custom safety signage to keep your facility safe! Contact Us.

Forklift Warning Solutions

Caution Forklift Sign

LED Warning Signs

Reduce conflicts and accidents between forklifts, other vehicles and employee foot traffic.

Combines flashing perimeter LEDs and reflective sheeting. With selectable power options, including an eco-friendly solar panel and battery package or convenient 120VAC, BlinkerSign® LED Signs are capable of increasing roadway compliance in any application. Learn more about BlinkerSigns®

  • Available solar and AC power options to work in any situation
  • Multiple Triggering Devices
  • Wireless Activation
  • High-intensity LEDs are visible heighten awareness in bright daylight, night, fog, rain and snow
  • Lightweight unit comes fully assembled, making installation on any new or existing sign post quick and easy
  • Fully encapsulated wiring protects against inclement weather, tampering and vandalism
Look Out Forklift Warning

Overhead Forklift Door Monitor

Reduce conflicts and accidents between forklifts, other vehicles and employee foot traffic.

Overhead forklift door monitors are designed to alert forklift operators and pedestrians as they approach an overhead doorway. Sensor(s) detect motion on one side and active the light on the opposite side alerting pedestrians and forklift operators.


  • Alerts forklift drivers and pedestrians of dangerous encounters with forklifts rushing through strip doors, high speed doors, and passing through openings.
  • Mount both units on each side of the opening connecting the two units with the provided wire harness.

Keep your workforce safe.

Traffic safety solutions for industrial complex parking lots and roads.

Custom BlinkerSign

Custom BlinkerSigns®

TAPCO’s Indoor BlinkerSign® Flashing LED signs are edge-lit signs engineered to capture attention and increase facility traffic safety compliance with highly visible red or amber flashing LEDs. These signs help facilitate situational awareness for forklift, heavy equipment and pedestrian traffic. Designed for sheltered, indoor environments only.

Our Concierge Team is Here for Your Project

Taking care of our clients is important to us. Our Concierge Consultants can offer you one-stop, turn key solutions that help you design, produce, install, and maintain your traffic safety and signage products. Selecting the best solutions that meet your needs does not have to be difficult.

Make sure to ask one of our team members about scheduling a free consultation today!

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