Speed Bumps/Humps and Parking Stops

speed bump

Let us help you slow down vehicle traffic with speed bumps and speed humps, while keeping your parking lots safe with parking stops.

Speed Bumps

speed bumps

Speed bumps are designed for cars traveling between 3-5 mph. Vehicle will nearly come to a complete stop.

Speed Humps

Speed Bumps and Parking Stops

Speed humps are a gentler design to handle vehicles moving from 5-10 mph.

Parking Stops

Parking Stops

Parking stops are made from recycled rubber allowing this durable product to remain outside during all kinds of weather. These parking stops last long beyond concrete alternatives and require no painting or maintenance.

Slow down vehicle traffic, keeping both vehicles and pedestrians safe.

High-quality speed bumps and humps alert drivers to potentially hazardous driveways and parking areas or guide drivers to a safe and controlled speed. They are available in either high-quality rubber or durable recycled plastic and feature a premium rubber construction which long outlasts concrete counterparts. Bumps and humps slow down vehicle traffic in parking lots, keeping both vehicles and pedestrians safe.

Yield Rebounder

Rebounder In-Street Pedestrian Crossing Sign

A durable, cost effective solution to increase pedestrian safety at unisgnalized crosswalks.