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Custom signs, traffic signs, and traffic safety solutions from a local manufacturer that’s been serving Florida since 1963.

Private Parking Sign

Everything You Expect from a Full-Service Traffic Safety Company

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Custom Decorative Sign Systems

Create a sense of community with custom decorative traffic control. See Samples.

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Best Prices on Traffic Signs

Fabricated in accordance with MUTCD and DOT standards, or local jurisdiction’s specification requirements. Get a Quote.

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Traffic Safety Solutions

Your crosswalks don’t have to be dangerous. The Rebounder has a 82-91% Effective Driver Yield Rate. Read more about our rebounder.

Keep your community streets safe for both pedestrians and motorists.

Custom Parking Sign

Custom Signs and Parking Signs

Homeowners’ association parking rules and signs to help improve safety and security in your neighborhood. Our durable signs last for years!

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Intelligent Warning Systems

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Pedestrian Crosswalk Warnings
LED-Enhanced Warning Alerts

Pedestrians Safety starts with providing drivers real-time warnings when pedestrians are in or about to enter an approaching crosswalk.

Need help building a crosswalk system for your community?

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pedestrian crosswalk safety solution in action