BlinkLink®, powered by TAPCO, is an easy-to-use, cloud-based application that cities leverage to manage, schedule, control and monitor system-wide time clocks and intelligent warning systems. Securely connected through reliable cellular, BlinkLink® collects real-time data and sends out voice, email and SMS alert notifications to pre-determined recipients.

Remotely Manage Intelligent Warning Systems

Easily view the status of connected devices and make changes without time-consuming site visits.

Quickly Monitor Intelligent Warning Systems

Historical Data

View status and activation history.

What BlinkLink Offers

Easy-to-Use Custom Calendar Editor

Create activation calendars that apply to devices. Preschedule on and off times for different days, weeks and months.

Managed Scheduling

Develop a customized schedule that fits your traffic safety concern.

Remote On Demand Manual Flash Activation

Override any set schedule to immediately turn on any device.


Configurable Flash Duration

Extend or reduce flash times when needed.

Start your smart transformation.

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Receive Email and SMS Alerts

Receive immediate Email/SMS alert notifications when a traffic emergency occurs or traffic device maintenance is needed. Determine what traffic events and pre-set systems thresholds trigger an email or SMS alert. Keep everyone informed by programming multiple alert recipients across city, county and state agencies.

Custom Reporting

Generate custom reporting for each device’s historical data. Analyze traffic trends through system activations to better manage schedules and flash activations. Alert notification data collects when alerts are sent out and who received the notifications.

BlinkLink® integrates with these popular Intelligent Warning Systems:

Wrong Way Blinker Sign


pedestrian crosswalk blinking sign

Pedestrian Crossing

blinker sign for crosswalk

School Crossing

Low Bridge LED Highlighted Sign

Overheight Warning

railroad crossing sign

Railroad Crossing

road flooded sign


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